Horror Haute - August Round

Hello guys! I have some important news for you all <3
.::Kre-ations::. has joined the horror Haute group! What does it means? Simple! Every month for seven days there will be in the store a special item with a lower price. Of course the item will be horror themed X3
August’s Horror Haute event will be from the 25th until the 31st. so  do not miss it!
I have a little preview of the item!
This skin will be put at only 100L$ for just a week, when the Horror haute event will be passed the whole set of “Dark side of the moon” will be release at full price!
Other news? Well, a Hunt is about to start! The LOLH hunt will last from Aug 20 to Sept 20.
Oh! I almost forgot! The store has changed a little, I wanted to rebuilt it and I’ll make something darker but  cute :3 hope you will like it!
Well, it’s all for now! Kisses!!
Kreao <3

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