Captive Moon Horns NEW Release + 2 NEW Hunts

Hii guys!
Guess what?? Some important News are coming this time!
Let's start with the new Release!

Captive Moon Horns

Steal the moon and keep it for yourself~
these particular and original Horns come in two version:
with a soft particle effect that simulate a sort of rain of moonlight fragments; and the version with no particles, just to be "not laggy at all".
I hope you will like these horn, I discover that making this kind of accessories  is very funny for me, and I will make more. If you want to stay up to date with my mind (XD) check on my Flickr the sketches that I post.  

 Ok, we were talking about hunts, right? Today (well, maybe tomorrow for you) starts the Never back down Hunt!
this is a preview of the prize:

5th September - 15 october will last the "The Autumn Effect Hunt"  a cool prize is waiting for you! here the preview:

and there are two other hunts currently running in the store! Tons of prize are waiting! come and get them @ .::Kre-ations::. Mainsotre !



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