Hymn of the Nature

Hello world! I've been working onthis for a while, it's a set of fairy-like  outfits in differents colours. There are many  items nd acessories, so I decided to sold them separately.


These horns come in two pieces, left and right part.  You can wear the singularly or as a duo. The Right one is scripted, touch it and a menu will pop up. This menu will let you change the color of the drapes, there are only four colors that match the "Hymn of the nature" outfits.


These outfit come  with: system bra, system panties, prim cherryblossom bra and prim flexy skirt.  It is no mod but, as you can see clicking on prim parts, it contains a Resizer script. PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP COPY

You can find matched accessories sold separately, like:



Mouthy Keys}

Come and get them @ .::Kre-ations::. Mainstore!

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