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.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. is partecipating in tons of events! Let em list them for you~

We <3 RP
My first round in this amazing event!
More info about it here: Click♦

{Hamel} Head Gear ~ original mesh
50% off until it's at the event 


Final Fantasy Festival
A whole Festival dedicated to the opening of a beautiful RP sim based on FF7.
More info about it here: Click♦

{GLARE} earrings ~ original mesh
"GLARE" original mesh handmade earrings. My first exclusive for the Final Fantasy Festival. Each version come in 3 versions: full earring, only upper part, only lower part.  

{Beast} mesh eyes ~
6 different tone, they're mesh so feel free to mix and match colors!

{Kupò Army}  original mesh  ~ GATCHA
 My gatcha exclusive for the Final Fantasy Festival.6 adorable moogle! 3 common and 3 rares! get them all ♥

With Love Fair
Valentine is near~.
More info about it here: Click♦

{Lovers Vow}  original mesh horns
Here my exclusive for the "With Love Fair" !
It comes in 2 version "her" and "him" and both of them are no copy both trasfer so that you can give the other version to you beloved one ♥


Thrift Shop
Lot of items 50% off untill the end of the event! and an amazing exclusive!~.
More info about it here: Click♦

{Le Fleur}  original mesh collars
In the pack you find 10 different collars: black and white versions in different flower color variations. 


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