Reopening Hunt!

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Cubic Cherry has a new home!
We moved along with Myrai Style and Fujiwara's World into a new awesome place!
A city in the clouds, a fantasy looking town ruled by a Moogle!
Our Mayor, Cid, keeps the place in good state even if some Mandragoras seem to have invaded it and are running around!
For the Reopening we organized a Hunt :
9 different prizes, 3 from each store who's partecipating!
TAXI:  Click meH♥

#1 CC: Wow, that spider is a real tailor!
#2 MS: (inside store) Climb climb, but be careful not to squash me...
#3 FW: (inside store) I'm a poo.. If you touch me you will be LUCKY
#4 CC: (inside store) I don't think I will be able to hold that staff...
#5 MS: I'm between the fragrant coffee beans
#6 FW: Oh no! Don't let me fall in the water!
#7 CC: Red apples!! I love them
#8 MS: I've just landed from the airship, can you find me?
#9 FW: OMG! So Shining!!! *^*

Preview  of the prizes here: Click meH♥

Please, let us know on our Facebook page if you liked the Event and What you think of the new place!
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