NEW @ Funny Puppet Fair

Funny Puppet Fair opened!
If you are a cute things lover you really must not loose this fair!
Exclusive releases from many cool stores and a hunt going on in the sim!
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My exclusives~
(you can get a mouthy special version in the hunt!)

{Lovely sumomos}~ original mesh plushies

This item is  handmade original mesh made by me, this adorable plushie comes in different versions:
-Follow: it is attached to avatar center (and it HAS to stay there) and when you walk it will bounce  and make a  cute sound.
-Hold: this one contains an animation pose that will make you hug him, you can scale it at your own need.
-Head: well, on your head ♥
-Rezz: A rezzable version. At the provided dimension it has a Land impact of 2 prims. (WARNING: the more you will make it grow, the more the land impact will grow as well.)

PLEASE, always make a backup copy before modify them, expacially the scripted one!!!
Few tips~
In order to see them properly you need to enable materials, I used Normal maps and Specular maps to improve the 3d and lights effect. In order to enable materials you need a material enabled viewer (like the official one or firestorm beta, for instance) and you need to turn on , in your graphic settings, the Advanced lighting Model.

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