Many new events started! The Gathering - RMK halloween - Candy Fair

Many new event started and Cubic Cherry has some really cool new stuff for you ♥
Let's start, shall we?

The Gathering
A fantasy  gacha event~
TAXI: click meH♥

{Tangled} staff - original mesh, 5 commons 3 rares
each color comes in 3 versions: Hold left, Hold right, on back

RMK Halloween
An halloween hunt, a really special one.  And it has also a little market~
TAXI: click meH♥

 {Lil Witch} staff - original mesh, DREAM GACHA GIFT
each color comes in 3 versions: Hold left, Hold right, on back 

{Lil Ghosts} - original mesh, pets
each one  of them comes in 3 versions: Hug, Rezz and Follow. 
The follow version is attached to avatar center - and it need to stay there- and it is animated floating up and down behind you.

Candy Fair
two sim of pure cuteness!
TAXI: click meH♥

{Mephy} - original mesh, umbrellas
5 different tones, each one comes in 2 variations: plain or chocolate

 {Chobii} - original mesh, glasses
9 commons 1 rare

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