Update and november events

Howdy everyone :)
It's been a while since i posted here.
I'm sorry i missed to sign out event and stuff but lately my RL life has gotten pretty messy.
I have some personal issues and, so, I just struggled to complete my items for the last events and then took a break for a while to, well, breathe.
I'm not very good with words, so i'll just keep this simple :)
I wanted to apologize to all the people who are following my store, my work, I'll try to be more present and to do a proper job in updating my blog and flickr and all the stuff :)
lot of hugs to everyone and let's hope RL gets better soon~♥

Now, the newwwwwwwwwwwwwws♥

November 1st

Dirty Turkey Hunt started!
Come and get the prize at our mainstore~
Hint and gallery here: Depraved nation's website
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November 3rd

Xiasumi School Festival

this is a great event. A whole japanes-themed school has been build and many activities are going on in the event! there are many different sections and soo many designers are in it! Cubic Cherry is in the "Hanted House" section and i hope you will like what i made!
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{Chibi Oni} animated mesh companions
aren't they cute? You just have to wear them (do not rezz them~) and they will stay by your side looking around. start walking and they will too ♥
It's my first time making something like this, hope you will appreciate them ♥

November 4th

We <3 RP

A new round started~
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 {Red Passion} mesh tiara
a lovely tiara that comes in 5 different metal versions, each one  sold individually or in a nice fatpack
>(OwO)<~ ♥

November 6th

Cirque de Seraphim

A charity event themed on circus! You will love it, because it's amazing~
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 {Cat Circus} set
intrepid acrobats, a ringmaster and a juggler! this is the cat circus that Cubic Cherry brings to you♥
>(OwO)<~ ♥

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