TnR Furimaketto december round

Another round of tengoku no rakuen Furimaketto started!
many designers  partecipates in this round, so many cool items 50% off!

Come and take a look : Taxi~


Spoopy eyeballs 60L$ each

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Sleepy Potatoes 25L$ x try - Jack Frost Staff 40L$

Holy Eyes (kemono/M3 only) 50L$

TV8 piercings 50L$

Taur hair summer pack 200L$

Mana crystals rings 125L$
Divine eyes 50L$
Lilith succubus horns 125L$

Fujiwara's world
Flower band sandals beige (slink flat/kemono human) 100L$

Moon amore
Amelie cardigans 99L$ x pack

Kasuri for girls 150L$
Kasuri for boy 150L$
Pipe gacha 10L$

Myrai style
Spirit of the forest 32L$ each/ 125L$ fatpack

Ayakashi Yokocho
Kirou oni candle 150L$
Kitune Shugo 40L$ x try
Okami man okuren 210L$

Cerberus Xing
botan doro 150L$

22769 - bauwerk
Candy ball chair 90L$ each

Eternal Dreams
Love @ Candy Cane pose 90L$

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