NEW @ The kawaii project, genre and Fantasy gacha carnival

howdy >(OwO)<~♥
many new events, sorry for being late notifying you the news but my internet connection left me for a while x_x

Let's start with The Kawaii Project
I'm so happy to be part of this event, this round's theme was "omnomnom" so, i made PUDDINGS!!
They are sold in 3 different packs, each pack includes 6 different color variations
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 {Puddings} original mesh

Let's keep it cute and let's talk about Genre 
Anime round of this event, first time for me there <3
I made some paw-shaped chairs :) First time for me making furniture, i also made myself the sitting poses, hope you will like them. They are sold in two packs (black and white) and each pack includes two version of the chair: regular one and low chair. 

And let's end this with a new amazing round of Fantasy gacha carnival.
I made the "diviner" set, it includes 9 common (cristals that are hold in hand) and 3 rares (partially rigged armgears).

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