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howdy >(OwO)<~♥

New round of  we <3 role play, and they have big news: now the event own a whole sim!
For this round I made a new set of horns, original mesh, available in 7 color variations. Each color comes in A and B part that can be worn together or individually.
And they will be 25%OFF while the event is on!
go and grab them ♥
TAXI(new location): Click meH♥  

{Ifrit} horns

and now, let's talk about a brand new event!

The Gacha Garden:
a new gacha event on the grid. Many designers reunited in a wonderful sim.
This even has a peculiar feature: each designer made a new set of gacha and, along with it a special item that, after the event is over, will be removed from sale. The only way to get this item is by playing the gacha machine 20 times.
I made a "Magic Shop" gacha set, there are some silly quotes hidden here and there, have fun finding them! hope you like the set. Oh, the Seed of insipration (SOI) is the special item and, remember that it will not be available anymore after the event ends.
go and grab them ♥
TAXI: Click meH♥  

{Magic Shop} gacha set 2 rares 12 commons

 {Magic Shop} Spell 2.0 (SOI)

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